Homograph (ho·​mo·​graph)

Definition of Homograph

1. One of two or more words spelled alike but different in meaning, or derivation or pronunciation (such as the bow of a ship, a bow and arrow).

What is a Homograph?

homograph is a word that is spelled the same as another but has a different meaning. One example is bass, which can be a deep voice or tone, and a kind of fish. Another is present, which can be a noun (being a gift); a verb (as to offer); or an adjective, as someone or something is in the place it is meant to be. Homographs are always spelled the same but can be pronounced the same or differently

20 Common Homographs

  1. Bark: The noise of a dog / An outer layer of a tree
  2. Bat: A type of sports equipment / An animal
  3. Bear: An animal / To endure
  4. Bow: A weapon for shooting arrows / A formal way of greeting or showing respect
  5. Crane: A bird / A machine used at building sites
  6. Desert: A hot, dry region / To leave a place
  7. Fair: An event with rides and stalls / Equal judgement
  8. Fine: Something sharp / Something delicate / A sum of money because of a wrong action
  9. Lead: To go first with others following / A heavy metal
  10. Minute: Tiny / A short amount of time (60 seconds)
  11. Park: A public play area / To bring a vehicle to a stop and leave it temporarily
  12. Pen: An object which is used for writing / A small area in which animals are kept
  13. Refuse: Garbage or rubbish / To reject or to say ‘No’
  14. Row: Using oars to propel a boat / A line of something / A fight between parties
  15. Saw: A sharp tool used for cutting hard materials / Past tense for the word ‘see’
  16. Skip: Jump / To miss out
  17. Tear: To rip something / The liquid that flows from eyes when crying
  18. Wave: Seawater coming into shore / A friendly hand gesture
  19. Wound: The past tense of ‘wind’ / An injury
  20. Wind: To turn something / An aspect of the weather